PEGACSA72V1 資格問題対応、PEGACSA72V1 関連試験


Pass4TestのPegasystemsのPEGACSA72V1 資格問題対応はとても良いトレーニング資料で、あなたが試験に合格することを保証します。この資料は値段が手頃だけでなく、あなたの時間を大量に節約できます。そうしたら、半分の労力で二倍の効果を得ることができます。

あなたに安心にネットでPegasystemsのPEGACSA72V1 資格問題対応の資料を購入させるために、我々Pass4Testは国際の最大の安全的な支払システムPaypalと協力してあなたの支払の安全性を保障します。支払ってから、あなたは直ちにPegasystemsのPEGACSA72V1 資格問題対応の資料をダウンロードすることができ、その後の一年間でPegasystemsのPEGACSA72V1 資格問題対応が更新されたら、我々はあなたを通知します。Pass4Testを選ぶのは最高のサービスを選んだことです。

試験科目:「Certified System Architect (CSA) 72V1」
問題と解答:全75問 PEGACSA72V1 コンポーネント

>> PEGACSA72V1 コンポーネント

PegasystemsのPEGACSA72V1 資格問題対応に受かるために一所懸命頑張って勉強していれば、あなたは間違っているのです。もちろん頑張って勉強するのは試験に合格することができますが、望ましい効果を達成できないかもしれません。現在はインターネットの時代で、試験に合格する ショートカットがたくさんあります。

NO.1 A form allows customers to specify the amount of a balance transfer for their credit card.
The form contains two fields: one to display the available balance on the customer's credit card, and
one for the user to enter the amount of the balance transfer.
You configure a validate rule to verify that the amount of a balance transfer is less than 75% of the
available balance on the customer's credit card. How do you call the validate rule?
A. From the flow action where the customer submits the form
B. From the property used to capture the amount of the balance transfer
C. From the section that contains the field for entering the amount of the balance transfer
D. From the step in the case life cycle.
Answer: A

PEGACSA72V1 絶対        PEGACSA72V1 準備   

NO.2 In an airline reservation application, users enter departure and return dates and submit for
flight search. This is implemented as a flow action. You need to ensure that the return date is later
than the departure date. You also need to copy the dates to a search parameter page that is used for
flight search.
Select the two rule types that the flow action references to satisfy these requirements.
(Choose two)
A. Validate
B. Edit Validate
C. Service Level
D. Data Transform
Answer: A,D

PEGACSA72V1 学習          PEGACSA72V1 短期 

NO.3 You need to add a button to a user form. When the button is pressed, the application invokes a
data transform, then creates a new case.
How do you implement this functionality?
A. Configure a style format for the button in the skin.
B. Configure a local action on the button control.
C. Configure a mixin for the button in the skin.
D. Configure an action set on the button control.
Answer: D

PEGACSA72V1 対応   

NO.4 You are designing hotel booking forms for a travel application.
The first form contains two fields in which users enter a room type and the length of stay in days. A
third field displays the total cost of the room.
The second form contains a field in which users select additional-cost options such as a sight-seeing
tour. A second field displays the total cost of the options.
The third form contains a field that displays the grand total of the room and options.
Which two properties are considered source properties for the declare expression used to calculate
the grand total? (Choose two.)
A. Total cost of room
B. Length of stay
C. Total cost of options
D. Options
Answer: A,D